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Have you heard about #teamtrees? If not, it is my joy to share this invitation to participate and to help. YouTuber MrBeast started this invitation movement to make a positive environmental impact, by raising funds to plant 20 million trees around the globe. With… Continue Reading “#teamtrees”

Learning About the Colors? Then You Will Want to Read…

If you are learning the colors, then you will want to read this book! I loved the clever way that the colors were introduced, with words, curiosity, and with a tactile component. This book put a smile on my face–the prediction that will take… Continue Reading “Learning About the Colors? Then You Will Want to Read…”

Tuesday Morning Reads for May 1, 2018

Idea Jar by Adam Lehrhaupt. Illustrations by Deb Pilutti: Ok, so this book isn’t a science story. Nope, not at all…at first glance. It is a story about ideas for a story, a narrative, however, it reminded me of the time I taught 5th… Continue Reading “Tuesday Morning Reads for May 1, 2018”

An Indoor Hike? Part 2

Last week I shared about the efforts my co-teaching partner and I took to create an indoor hike experience for our kindergarten students, with my post, An Indoor Hike?  The goal for the following day was to use the eggs as a word box… Continue Reading “An Indoor Hike? Part 2”

An Indoor Hike?

This week in kindergarten our theme is hiking and the things you would see on a hike. 🙂 To set the mood, our principal donated this amazing tent: My co-teaching partner gathered up a bunch of camping, hiking, and nature books and put them… Continue Reading “An Indoor Hike?”

Bear Hibernation & Bears in Early Spring Books

A couple of days ago I shared a kindergarten lesson called, Bears & Their Habitats: Kindergarteners Create. I wanted to say more about the books that we featured and some other books that I came across, that talk about when bears wake up in… Continue Reading “Bear Hibernation & Bears in Early Spring Books”

Bears & Their Habitats: Kindergarteners Create

During the month of January, my Kindergarten co-teacher and I have been engaging our students in a variety of lessons about bears and their habitats, especially their winter habitats. We used a couple stories throughout our unit to support our learning journey: Along with… Continue Reading “Bears & Their Habitats: Kindergarteners Create”

Featured Book: “Water Can Be…”

I was ecstatic to see this book! I love “A Leaf Can be…”, and recently I used it as my focus book for an NSTA presentation that I did with my 2nd grade co-teacher. So, when I saw this, I was quick to purchase!… Continue Reading “Featured Book: “Water Can Be…””

Tuesday Morning Reads for January 9, 2018

Back to the alphabet! Typically when I create this post, I select books from the “new books” section of the children’s library, but like I mentioned a few weeks ago, I decided to give them some buying time. Instead I am scanning their selection… Continue Reading “Tuesday Morning Reads for January 9, 2018”

Featured Book: “Red and Lulu”

With its beautiful illustrations, Matt Tavares, tells the tale of Red and Lulu, two cardinals whose happy home is in a beautiful evergreen in the front yard of a little house…but not for long. While Red searches for food, the tree is cut down… Continue Reading “Featured Book: “Red and Lulu””