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Written by Shauna LaVoy Reynolds Illustrated by Shahrzad Maydani This is a popular book, at least locally. I had wanted to share this post back in April, during National Poetry Month, but it just became available at the library. I think poets have a… Continue Reading ““Poetree””


This story really heightens the awareness of the music of rain. Tap. Tap. BOOM. BOOM! Using various font, the rain comes down on a city as individuals, kids, and families move from place to place…picking up their pace. Some are prepared, some aren’t. Many… Continue Reading “Tap Tap BOOM BOOM”

Great Adjectives, Onomatopoeia, and One of my Favorite Animals

Ok I may be biased, since I love moose and have always wanted to see one (well, from far away), but I just loved this book. It made me smile and laugh. It took me a few pages to discover there was a moose… Continue Reading “Great Adjectives, Onomatopoeia, and One of my Favorite Animals”

The Picture Book that Keeps on Giving

This picture book has so much to offer: rhyme and song, counting, repetitive text, seek and find/hidden images, AND the names of animal offspring: for example, a squirrel has “kits”…did you know that? I didn’t. The back of the book also is a wealth… Continue Reading “The Picture Book that Keeps on Giving”