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Happy International Women’s Day

Before I share all the amazing science themed picture books you could read this week to celebrate International Women’s Day, I want to start this post with a shoutout to my amazing mom! This is a picture of us February 2019, a night when… Continue Reading “Happy International Women’s Day”

Hour of Code: Prep Time

Organize an Hour of Code during Computer Science Education Week, December 9th-15th. There are many ways to get your class, grade level team, content area team, and school involved. Here are some of those ways/resources: This site has resources for students and teachers… Continue Reading “Hour of Code: Prep Time”

Happy Picture Book Month!

How do you plan on celebrating this AMAZING month? The picture above is one of the ways that I celebrated last year, when I worked at an elementary school. I transformed one of the hallway bulletin boards into one that highlights some of my… Continue Reading “Happy Picture Book Month!”

Tuesday Morning Reads for January 30, 2018

Today’s selection from the “B” section of the children’s book area of the library had many books that I want to make as a separate post. Either as a featured book, featured strategy, or to feature along side an upcoming lesson idea. Others included… Continue Reading “Tuesday Morning Reads for January 30, 2018”

Tuesday Morning Reads for January 16, 2018

“B” is for “Books”! 🙂 I am still combing through the “B” section of the children’s section of our library, for some great fictional stories in science. Here are some finds from this week: Stars! Stars! Stars! by Bob Barner: I found this book delightful.… Continue Reading “Tuesday Morning Reads for January 16, 2018”

Tuesday Morning Reads for December 19th

Typically, when preparing for this post, I go to the library and scan the “new books” section, to pull out any possible science-themed fictional stories. But, I have done that for the past few weeks, and I think I need to give the library… Continue Reading “Tuesday Morning Reads for December 19th”

Tuesday Morning Reads for December 5th

A Moon of My Own by Jennifer Rustgi, illustrated by Ashley White: On the note from the author, it says, “Come along on an enchanted adventure around the world with a young girl and her faithful companion, the Moon”–and this book was exactly that! 🙂… Continue Reading “Tuesday Morning Reads for December 5th”

If you liked “Goodnight Moon”…

You will love… A love at first sight! As far as “fictional story” goes, it is not too story heavy, as you might imagine, but it does highlight some lab vocabulary. But as we know, not all labs are alike. If you are a… Continue Reading “If you liked “Goodnight Moon”…”