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Tuesday Morning Reads for April 3, 2018

The Boy and the Whale by Mordicai Gerstein: When a whale gets trapped in a fishing net, Abelardo hurts for the whale, remembering a time when he was once trapped in a net and near drowning. Eager to free the whale, his father strongly… Continue Reading “Tuesday Morning Reads for April 3, 2018”

Tuesday Morning Reads for January 30, 2018

Today’s selection from the “B” section of the children’s book area of the library had many books that I want to make as a separate post. Either as a featured book, featured strategy, or to feature along side an upcoming lesson idea. Others included… Continue Reading “Tuesday Morning Reads for January 30, 2018”

Tuesday Morning Reads for January 23, 2018

The Water Hole by Graeme Base: At first glance this book appears to be a counting book, and it very much is, but it is also the effects of long periods between rain and the effects to the animal habitat. Granted the animals represented in… Continue Reading “Tuesday Morning Reads for January 23, 2018”

Featured Book: “Snow”

There is so much story in snow. When I think back to all my snow memories, I tend to group them into “snow” or winter, but what Cynthia Rylant did for me, in “Snow”, that she can do for you and your students, is… Continue Reading “Featured Book: “Snow””

Changing Seasons & Community Outreach

With the changing seasons, a 2nd grade teacher that I work with, decided combine the grade level PBL (Project Based Learning) theme, Kindness: How can we help others, with the needs of winter. Together we created a series of lessons that built off the… Continue Reading “Changing Seasons & Community Outreach”


This story really heightens the awareness of the music of rain. Tap. Tap. BOOM. BOOM! Using various font, the rain comes down on a city as individuals, kids, and families move from place to place…picking up their pace. Some are prepared, some aren’t. Many… Continue Reading “Tap Tap BOOM BOOM”

“Big Rain Coming”

It seems that we all have a meteorologist (or two) in our family. I am not talking about those that are featured on the news or in the newspaper, or those that like to make sporadic predictions about the weather, but those in our… Continue Reading ““Big Rain Coming””

Fiction and Non-fiction?

Ok, this one leans more towards non-fiction, but it has a fictional flow. With its predicted text of “I like the rain because…” the story part takes you through a community to learn why they all like the rain, each, of course, with their… Continue Reading “Fiction and Non-fiction?”

Rain, Rain, Rain: Three Multicultural Books About Rain

I know, instead of rain, rain, rain, it should be snow, snow, snow (at least it is in my part of the country), but in an earlier post I mentioned how I had learned about a few multicultural fictional stories that feature rain…here are… Continue Reading “Rain, Rain, Rain: Three Multicultural Books About Rain”

All About Rain

Book reviews and classroom connections coming on these books! So excited to see this multicultural posting! Getting them reserved now through my local library. I am happy to see two of my already featured books on the list!