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“Baby Loves” SCIENCE! Board Books by Ruth Spiro

“Baby Loves” SCIENCE! Board Books by Ruth Spiro (Illustrator Irene Chan) I came across this “Baby Loves” series from a Pinterest feed one day and was eager to check them out. I love seeing science concepts in board books, because it is never too… Continue Reading ““Baby Loves” SCIENCE! Board Books by Ruth Spiro”

For Our Youngest Budding Scientists…

Yesterday I shared some great board books that I came across, during a recent trip to the library. One of the books I shared was “Zingy”. I loved how the author, Paola Opal, created a science themed story in a board book, in a… Continue Reading “For Our Youngest Budding Scientists…”

Tuesday Morning Reads for January 2, 2018

BOARD BOOKS!! As I was walking to the picture book section of our library, a few weeks ago, I took a different pathway and came across their board books section, and I thought…I wonder if there are any great science themed stories here for… Continue Reading “Tuesday Morning Reads for January 2, 2018”

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