For Our Youngest Budding Scientists…

Yesterday I shared some great board books that I came across, during a recent trip to the library. One of the books I shared was “Zingy”.

Board Book Covers of: "Zingy", "Owl Babies", "Questions Questions", "Same Same", My First Book of Sounds", "Sleepy Puppy", and "I Would Tuck You In"

I loved how the author, Paola Opal, created a science themed story in a board book, in a way that could extend the life and the learning of the story. As I closed the book, I noticed that Zingy was part of a series! šŸ™‚ I went back to the library and scanned the board book section for more of the titles. I was only able to find four, which I include below, and I will share the whole list at the end of this post.

Totty: The story of a newborn turtle, amongst his siblings, making his way from the sand to the sea–taking in some of the natural eye-level surroundings.

Bitsy: Busy family of beavers building a dam. Everyone is helping, including Bitsy, although being so young it is tough to cut down those thick branches. With the modeling of parents, Bitsy learns that soon enough she will be able to cut down those branches. In the meantime, she finds the one just right to finish the dam.

Pippy: Shy Pippy doesn’t want to play with the other seahorses, even though her father tries to persuade her. Instead she hides amongst the coral (so many good science conversations and lessons can be sprung from that) and discovers a new friend.

Saffy: Determined Saffy wants to reach the leaves herself, and she doesn’t let her small size stop her. I love how this story shows how determination can lead to new ideas, and new ideas to eventual success! šŸ™‚

Board Book Titles Within The Series

  • Saffy
  • Saffy Look for Rain
  • Totty
  • Ollie
  • Perry
  • Dotty
  • Rokko
  • Bitsy
  • Saffy and Ollie
  • Zingy

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