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“Moon! Earth’s Best Friend”

Simply just take a look at this book cover! Don’t you just want to pick it up and read it! 😍 I did, and so did many of my 8th graders, when I displayed it. So just imagine the K-5 audience! Well, if you… Continue Reading ““Moon! Earth’s Best Friend””

Full Moon Adventures

With rhyming text follow a family of four (plus their little dog) on a family night indoors…well, until the lights go out and they head outside under the natural light of a full moon. Under this bright night sky, and with the bright layers… Continue Reading “Full Moon Adventures”

1st Grade Researchers!

In first grade we have been learning about astronauts and transportation. Witnessing the student excitement about these topics, my co-teacher and I decided to extend the unit with some choice to learn more about either transportation or space. Using a KWL chart, we gathered… Continue Reading “1st Grade Researchers!”

A Never Before Published Picture Book, From Margaret Wise Brown…

Brought to us by illustrator Loren Long Beautifully illustrated, Loren Long, brings us the story of the transition from day to night, with familiar faces, now in a flourishing community. As Bunny says good morning to the world, and to daylight, there are interactions… Continue Reading “A Never Before Published Picture Book, From Margaret Wise Brown…”

Tuesday Morning Reads for December 12, 2017

During my latest trip to the “new books” section of the library, I came across these books. 🙂 Sun and Moon, Folk Tales by Various Artists: As a paper crafter, I loved the texture of the pages and the beautiful artwork displayed in this book.… Continue Reading “Tuesday Morning Reads for December 12, 2017”

Tuesday Morning Reads for December 5th

A Moon of My Own by Jennifer Rustgi, illustrated by Ashley White: On the note from the author, it says, “Come along on an enchanted adventure around the world with a young girl and her faithful companion, the Moon”–and this book was exactly that! 🙂… Continue Reading “Tuesday Morning Reads for December 5th”

Tuesday Morning Reads for November 21st

Don’t you just love the public library? I do! I love them all–historic ones, new ones, and cozy ones. I love what they stand for and how they are often the heart of the city. Our city recently build a new library, and they… Continue Reading “Tuesday Morning Reads for November 21st”