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Have you heard about #teamtrees? If not, it is my joy to share this invitation to participate and to help. YouTuber MrBeast started this invitation movement to make a positive environmental impact, by raising funds to plant 20 million trees around the globe. With… Continue Reading “#teamtrees”

“The Curious Garden”

I must be on a curiosity kick, because among my rainy afternoon reads is: “The Curious Garden” written and illustrated by Peter Brown. Liam lived in a dreary plant-less city. 😕 While others took cover from the rain, his outdoor heart took him outside… Continue Reading ““The Curious Garden””

Tuesday Morning Reads for April 17, 2018

I came across two partner books this week… I call them partner books, because one, All the Animals Where I Live, discusses the transition from a city home to a country one, and the other book, Florette, the transition from a country home to… Continue Reading “Tuesday Morning Reads for April 17, 2018”

Tuesday Morning Reads for November 21st

Don’t you just love the public library? I do! I love them all–historic ones, new ones, and cozy ones. I love what they stand for and how they are often the heart of the city. Our city recently build a new library, and they… Continue Reading “Tuesday Morning Reads for November 21st”

Featured Book: “Tree” by Britta Teckentrup

This was a great Costco find one afternoon. I was pulled in by the title, the colorful illustrations, and this idea of a “peek-through picture book”. What was that? I wondered. I loved the out-of-the-box thinking that used the depth from the pages themselves… Continue Reading “Featured Book: “Tree” by Britta Teckentrup”

Featured Book:Planting the Trees of Kenya: The Story of Wangari Maathai

I am so glad I sat down today and took a long moment to read this book. When I selected it from the library, through an online search, the words “trees” and “Kenya” caught my eye, as I hoped it would offer a widen… Continue Reading “Featured Book:Planting the Trees of Kenya: The Story of Wangari Maathai”

Featured Book: “A Friend for All Seasons”

Author: Julia Hubery; Illustrator: Mei Matsuoka Book Summary: “Robbie the Raccoon and his friends love Father Oak and worry that he is sick when his leaves begin to turn color and fall off, but Robbie’s mother explains what the change means and helps him… Continue Reading “Featured Book: “A Friend for All Seasons””

Featured Book: “If you plant a seed”

Book Summary: “If you plant a carrot seed…a carrot will grow. But what happens if you plant a seed of kindness…or selfishness?” If you know this author and illustrator, then it will be of no surprise that the pictures, the paintings, are breathtaking. He… Continue Reading “Featured Book: “If you plant a seed””

Featured Book: August 9, 2015

*And don’t forget to check out past Featured Books here. Book Summary: “Rosie’s rival, Violet, outdoes her in everything until the class plants seeds for a unit on gardening.” This story brought me back to my teaching days of working to establish a positive and… Continue Reading “Featured Book: August 9, 2015”