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“Red” by Michael Hall

*Note: Links are Amazon affiliate links. Clinking on these links supports my work. Thank You! Pulls at the heartstrings and opens the mind.  This is the type of book that I received as a gift this past winter from a close friend.  Powerful.  And… Continue Reading ““Red” by Michael Hall”

Hour of Code: Prep Time

Organize an Hour of Code during Computer Science Education Week, December 9th-15th. There are many ways to get your class, grade level team, content area team, and school involved. Here are some of those ways/resources: This site has resources for students and teachers… Continue Reading “Hour of Code: Prep Time”

How I Co-Hosted a Night of Literacies

This 2018-2019 school year I co-organized our literacy night with my amazing co-teaching partner, Lindsey Pyell. 🙂 We wanted to approach the topic of literacy night in a more global and multimodal way, so we modified the name to be our: Night of Literacies… Continue Reading “How I Co-Hosted a Night of Literacies”

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