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Winter Olympics Bulletin Board Follow-Up

I wanted to follow-up on a Winter Olympics kick-off bulletin board that I shared the other day. Every morning during the Olympics the students tracked the results of their selected country and created a bar graph using garage sale circles: Granted it would have… Continue Reading “Winter Olympics Bulletin Board Follow-Up”

Winter Olympics Kick Off!

In my 2nd grade co-teaching classroom we kicked-off the 2018 Winter Olympics with a Kahoot, to gauge background knowledge, and used maps and sites to show our students where the games are being played, how many athletes are from our state, and how many… Continue Reading “Winter Olympics Kick Off!”

Do You Know What Your Students Really Like to Read?

I thought I did, and as a co-teaching team, we thought we did, but recently my 1st grade co-teacher and I inquired more into what our 1st graders like to read. We did this as part of our kindness themed PBL, where students created… Continue Reading “Do You Know What Your Students Really Like to Read?”

Featured Book: “How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin?”

Book Summary: “Charlie, the smallest child in his first grade class, is amazed to discover that of the three pumpkins his teacher brings to school, the smallest one has the most seeds.” A great choice for this time of year. Featuring predictions, observation, estimation,… Continue Reading “Featured Book: “How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin?””

Featured Book: August 9, 2015

*And don’t forget to check out past Featured Books here. Book Summary: “Rosie’s rival, Violet, outdoes her in everything until the class plants seeds for a unit on gardening.” This story brought me back to my teaching days of working to establish a positive and… Continue Reading “Featured Book: August 9, 2015”