Month: January 2018

Creating Resources, String Phones, and a Model Rotary Phone

Last week I shared a post titled How About a KLW instead of a KWL? There I shared how I used the Book Creator platform to create my own resource for the questions our kindergarteners still had about bears. Well, I loved that experience… Continue Reading “Creating Resources, String Phones, and a Model Rotary Phone”

Tuesday Morning Reads for January 30, 2018

Today’s selection from the “B” section of the children’s book area of the library had many books that I want to make as a separate post. Either as a featured book, featured strategy, or to feature along side an upcoming lesson idea. Others included… Continue Reading “Tuesday Morning Reads for January 30, 2018”

Valentine’s Day and STEM

Planning ahead, I came across a site that I would like to share: Valentine STEM and Reading Activity from Jennifer Findley’s Teaching to Inspire Website. There you will find written and visual directions on how to create the cupid’s bow, along with a reading… Continue Reading “Valentine’s Day and STEM”

Communication Stations

Last week in my 2nd grade co-teaching classroom, we have been exploring the question: What are all the different ways we communicate information? We started with a circle map, to hear all the different ways the students already knew, and within that process, my… Continue Reading “Communication Stations”

Site Update: Science Topic Book List

I have recently made some changes to my Science Topic Book List. Those changes include adding books to the list that I have recently featured, and adding a column that connects to my blog post featuring that book. Granted that part, the link to… Continue Reading “Site Update: Science Topic Book List”

Tuesday Morning Reads for January 23, 2018

The Water Hole by Graeme Base: At first glance this book appears to be a counting book, and it very much is, but it is also the effects of long periods between rain and the effects to the animal habitat. Granted the animals represented in… Continue Reading “Tuesday Morning Reads for January 23, 2018”

How about a KLW instead of a KWL?

Perhaps I have been doing it wrong, but I have never really enjoyed the KWL (What you KNOW, What you WANT to know/learn, What you LEARNED) strategy I learned in college, and I feel I am not alone. When I talk about this with… Continue Reading “How about a KLW instead of a KWL?”

Bear Hibernation & Bears in Early Spring Books

A couple of days ago I shared a kindergarten lesson called, Bears & Their Habitats: Kindergarteners Create. I wanted to say more about the books that we featured and some other books that I came across, that talk about when bears wake up in… Continue Reading “Bear Hibernation & Bears in Early Spring Books”

Novels and Engineering? YES, PLEASE!

I came across this amazing e-article by Katrina Schwartz, who writes for “Mind/Shift: How We Learn” (do you follow them on Twitter or get their newsletter? You should consider it. I love their posts!). Click HERE for the link to read the full-article…and set… Continue Reading “Novels and Engineering? YES, PLEASE!”

Bears & Their Habitats: Kindergarteners Create

During the month of January, my Kindergarten co-teacher and I have been engaging our students in a variety of lessons about bears and their habitats, especially their winter habitats. We used a couple stories throughout our unit to support our learning journey: Along with… Continue Reading “Bears & Their Habitats: Kindergarteners Create”