Fictional Stories in Science

Sharing Science Stories…Those We Read and Those We Live!

Science Topic List

Adding fictional science stories to your science lessons can be more challenging than finding non-fiction resources. Check out my Science Topic Book list to support your search for your home, classroom, or personal library! Adding story helps to connect our own story, our emotions, and our wonderings!

School & Classroom

A growing resource of classroom lessons, bulletin board ideas, school-wide events, and a featured book archive (a highlight of some of my favorite science stories)!

Science Resources

When I come across a great science site for the classroom, I can’t help but share it. Here you will find my growing collection of resources for the classroom or for your own curiosity!

‘ Make sure your child has books that are mirrors and books that are windows: ‘Because if you do, you’re setting a path for self-worth and empathy – and that is a brick road worth following. ‘


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