Month: April 2018

Tuesday Morning Reads for April 24, 2018

For this morning’s reads, I have two books featuring clouds. While clouds are a great wonder and exploration any time of year, this turn of the weather really brings me back to my childhood of looking up into the bright, sunny sky, and seeing… Continue Reading “Tuesday Morning Reads for April 24, 2018”

Animal Book List

Hello Everyone! 🙂 I am working on my Science Topic Book Lists, because my number of books keeps growing and growing! Yes! 🙂 In addition to my book lists, I am in the process of creating sub-pages so that you don’t have to view… Continue Reading “Animal Book List”

A Different Type of Science Story…

Currently I am engaging in an Educurious STEM and PBL workshop, which has deepened my knowledge based and my resource based. (Yay! I love learning!) 🙂  One of the resources they have shared with us is a site called Next Generation Science Storylines. To… Continue Reading “A Different Type of Science Story…”

Tuesday Morning Reads for April 17, 2018

I came across two partner books this week… I call them partner books, because one, All the Animals Where I Live, discusses the transition from a city home to a country one, and the other book, Florette, the transition from a country home to… Continue Reading “Tuesday Morning Reads for April 17, 2018”

Wordless Books and “Say Something”

I am here to report! 🙂 I tried the wordless book strategy called, “say something” that I featured on two different posts last week: Build, Assess, Build Vocabulary with a Wordless Book and More Wordless Books! with my 2nd grade co-teaching class, using the following… Continue Reading “Wordless Books and “Say Something””

More Wordless Books!

A few days ago I shared a possible wordless book strategy, Say Something, along with a link to other wordless book ideas, in my Build, Assess, Build Vocabulary with a Wordless Book post. I am going to be trying the Say Something strategy with… Continue Reading “More Wordless Books!”

Featured Book: “Charlie and Kiwi: An Evolutionary Adventure”

I am so happy that a Pinterest search brought this title to my attention! Peter H. Reynolds (amazing author and illustrator) and the New York Hall of Science collaborated on this evolutionary adventure. I have never come across an evolution-based picture book, so I… Continue Reading “Featured Book: “Charlie and Kiwi: An Evolutionary Adventure””

Tuesday Morning Reads for April 10, 2018

The Cookie Fiasco by Dan Santat: I cannot wait to show this book to my first graders! They LOVE the Elephant and Piggie books by Mo Willems, and this clever mathematical book features them reading this book. 🙂 Dan Santat, the author, does an… Continue Reading “Tuesday Morning Reads for April 10, 2018”

April’s Interactive Bulletin Board!

Happy Earth Day Month! 🙂 For April’s interactive bulletin board, I really dove deep into my creativity (and my spring break time) and created an art piece to serve as the focal point of my Earth Day bulletin board (thanks to the help of… Continue Reading “April’s Interactive Bulletin Board!”

Sentence Starter Class Book

My 3rd grade co-teaching writing class has been spending some time on academic vocabulary (more on that later), and recently our focus word was “CREATE”. To follow-up our learning of the word “create” I created a creative create activity. 🙂 A sentence starter class book.… Continue Reading “Sentence Starter Class Book”