Tuesday Morning Reads for April 24, 2018

For this morning’s reads, I have two books featuring clouds. While clouds are a great wonder and exploration any time of year, this turn of the weather really brings me back to my childhood of looking up into the bright, sunny sky, and seeing all of those rabbits, deer, and boats…I mean cumulous clouds. 🙂

Cloud Country by Bonny Becker. Concept and Pictures by Noah Klocek–A Pixar Animation Studios Artist Showcase: What a rare find, a beautifully illustrated story of being true to yourself, paralleled with an exploration of types of clouds. Oh, how I wish I had this book during my weather and climate days, for both an interest introduction, with an open discussion of what students already knew and saw, and for a potential choice writing assignment to share all that was learned.

Once Upon a Cloud by Rob D. Walker. Illustrations by Matt Mahurin: What are clouds…what are they made of…where do they come from? A machine we have never seen? Are they the cotton candy for giants? These and other wonderings are shared through this cloud prompting story. It would be a great introduction to a cloud, or weather, unit for the K-2, to generate ideas of their own (gain access to correct concepts and misconceptions), and use it as a dive into finding out.

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