Month: December 2017

Changing Seasons; Community Outreach Part 2

A few weeks ago, I shared a lesson that I collaborated on with my 2nd grade co-teacher, Quincey Williamson (who is simply amazing!). It started with these two books: …and transformed into a student-driven series of lessons that focused on the changing season and… Continue Reading “Changing Seasons; Community Outreach Part 2”

A Never Before Published Picture Book, From Margaret Wise Brown…

Brought to us by illustrator Loren Long Beautifully illustrated, Loren Long, brings us the story of the transition from day to night, with familiar faces, now in a flourishing community. As Bunny says good morning to the world, and to daylight, there are interactions… Continue Reading “A Never Before Published Picture Book, From Margaret Wise Brown…”

Featured Book: “Anything is Possible”

This book was recommended to me by a dear friend, who is also a professor–and quite knowledgeable on the topic of all things good! 🙂 I picked up a copy of this great story from the library today, and I was thrilled that once… Continue Reading “Featured Book: “Anything is Possible””

Tuesday Morning Re-Reads for December 26th

Happy Winter and Happy Holidays to you and yours! I hope this time of year is bringing you time to sit down in your favorite chair and read, read, read! 🙂 I also hope this time of year has brought you some new books!… Continue Reading “Tuesday Morning Re-Reads for December 26th”

Wow! Over 225 Books!

I remember when I first started this website (shout-out to Professor Trust!) and the handful of books that I had classified as fictional stories with a science theme. Stories like these are difficult to find, because unlike non-fiction books, you can’t always search for… Continue Reading “Wow! Over 225 Books!”

Tuesday Morning Reads for December 19th

Typically, when preparing for this post, I go to the library and scan the “new books” section, to pull out any possible science-themed fictional stories. But, I have done that for the past few weeks, and I think I need to give the library… Continue Reading “Tuesday Morning Reads for December 19th”

Featured Book: “Snow”

There is so much story in snow. When I think back to all my snow memories, I tend to group them into “snow” or winter, but what Cynthia Rylant did for me, in “Snow”, that she can do for you and your students, is… Continue Reading “Featured Book: “Snow””

Interactive Bulletin Board…Success!

I am so happy! My idea for an interactive bulletin board was a success! Take a look at the predictions. 🙂 Now, for my next bulletin board idea..hmmm…

Featured Book: “Red and Lulu”

With its beautiful illustrations, Matt Tavares, tells the tale of Red and Lulu, two cardinals whose happy home is in a beautiful evergreen in the front yard of a little house…but not for long. While Red searches for food, the tree is cut down… Continue Reading “Featured Book: “Red and Lulu””

How to…

As I was looking through the latest Scholastic book order, with my first graders, I noticed a book called, “How to Catch an Elf”, which was high on their list of wanted books. Later, at Costco, I saw “How to Catch Santa” out on… Continue Reading “How to…”