Month: October 2016

Love Cinderella Stories? I do!

I should first say that I love the variations of the Cinderella tale. Each time I see a new one my smile widens! 🙂 This story got a smile and a mouth-open look of happy shock, since it featured a science story. The main… Continue Reading “Love Cinderella Stories? I do!”

Life Cycle Unit?

One of the aspects that I enjoy about this story is that it starts with a boy and his dad walking together, sharing time. I also enjoy how that time gets connected to the school, bridging the home-to-school connection through the eyes of the… Continue Reading “Life Cycle Unit?”

“Tools Rule!”

Such a cute story where the tools are the main characters! I can just picture the PreK-1st grade students really loving this story’s cartoon-like illustrations, while raising their hands to tell you which ones they have seen at their house. 🙂 Using a combination… Continue Reading ““Tools Rule!””

“North Country Spring”

I don’t know about you, but when I think of spring, I think of everything waking up, stretching their wings/branches/legs, and taking a deep, deep inhale. This book mirrors those same feelings in words and in illustrations, and takes in a whole community feel… Continue Reading ““North Country Spring””