Month: March 2018

New Interactive Bulletin Board: March Gladness

To go along with basketball fans, I have created my own take on March Madness…March Gladness: Students vs. Teachers on Gladness Acts If you can’t read the white papers, their titles say “Stickers Go Here”, so that the students and the teachers have somewhere… Continue Reading “New Interactive Bulletin Board: March Gladness”

Winter Olympics Bulletin Board Follow-Up

I wanted to follow-up on a Winter Olympics kick-off bulletin board that I shared the other day. Every morning during the Olympics the students tracked the results of their selected country and created a bar graph using garage sale circles: Granted it would have… Continue Reading “Winter Olympics Bulletin Board Follow-Up”

Tuesday Morning Reads for March 6, 2018

Fort Building Time by Megan Wagner Lloyd. Illustrations by Abigail Halpin: Granted I was the type that was an indoor fort builder, with couch cushions, pillows, blankets, etc. but I could still relate to this great fort building book…a fort for every season! I… Continue Reading “Tuesday Morning Reads for March 6, 2018”

An Indoor Hike? Part 2

Last week I shared about the efforts my co-teaching partner and I took to create an indoor hike experience for our kindergarten students, with my post, An Indoor Hike?  The goal for the following day was to use the eggs as a word box… Continue Reading “An Indoor Hike? Part 2”

Snowflake Design Challenge: The Results Are In

A few weeks ago, I posted my latest bulletin board: Snowflake Design Challenge. It may be difficult to see, but to the left of the board, I placed star stickers and had people use the stars to select which snowflake lasted 3.12 seconds in… Continue Reading “Snowflake Design Challenge: The Results Are In”

An Indoor Hike?

This week in kindergarten our theme is hiking and the things you would see on a hike. 🙂 To set the mood, our principal donated this amazing tent: My co-teaching partner gathered up a bunch of camping, hiking, and nature books and put them… Continue Reading “An Indoor Hike?”