Month: February 2018

1st Grade Researchers!

In first grade we have been learning about astronauts and transportation. Witnessing the student excitement about these topics, my co-teacher and I decided to extend the unit with some choice to learn more about either transportation or space. Using a KWL chart, we gathered… Continue Reading “1st Grade Researchers!”

Tuesday Morning Reads for February 27th

Sorry I have missed the last few “Tuesday Morning Reads” posts, or any posts for that matter. I have been under the weather and a bit overwhelmed at school…I am sure you can relate. And perhaps you have learned what I have recently learned…when… Continue Reading “Tuesday Morning Reads for February 27th”

National: Tell a Fairy Tale Day

To celebrate “Tell a Fairy Tale” day, I am highlighting some new books that have crossed my path… When I saw these, I had one of those…”why didn’t I think of that” moments. Luckily, Jasmine Brooke did! 🙂 These books start off with non-fiction… Continue Reading “National: Tell a Fairy Tale Day”

Winter Olympics Kick Off!

In my 2nd grade co-teaching classroom we kicked-off the 2018 Winter Olympics with a Kahoot, to gauge background knowledge, and used maps and sites to show our students where the games are being played, how many athletes are from our state, and how many… Continue Reading “Winter Olympics Kick Off!”

Snowflake Design Challenge: New Interactive Bulletin Board

A few weeks ago, I found this site on Pinterest: “Winter STEM Challenges-Snowflake STEM”. While I didn’t look into the full details of the concept (meaning, I didn’t buy it on Teachers Pay Teachers), the idea did get me thinking and wondering. 🙂 I… Continue Reading “Snowflake Design Challenge: New Interactive Bulletin Board”

Tuesday Morning Reads for February 6, 2018

I was about to take a purposeful look through shelf #4 of the “B” section of the picture books…when I remembered that I needed to grab some books for our upcoming Olympic unit in 2nd grade. This stop by the reference desk caused my… Continue Reading “Tuesday Morning Reads for February 6, 2018”

Sphero Devices Have Arrived!

Thanks to a school district grant, I was able to purchase 10 Sphero devices for our elementary school… …and I thought, what better way to debut them than with our 2nd grade communications unit! (See previous lesson posts: How About a KLW instead of… Continue Reading “Sphero Devices Have Arrived!”