Tuesday Morning Reads for February 27th

Sorry I have missed the last few “Tuesday Morning Reads” posts, or any posts for that matter. I have been under the weather and a bit overwhelmed at school…I am sure you can relate. And perhaps you have learned what I have recently learned…when the tough gets going, sometimes you need to take care of you, rather than getting tougher. I have more thoughts on this topic, but that is probably a different blog post. 🙂

Onto the picture books! 🙂 I found these two treasures in our “new books” section:

Build, Beaver, Build! Life at the Longest Beaver Dam by Sandra Markle. Illustrations by Deborah Hocking: I learned so much about beavers from this book! I appreciate how the author took facts about the beaver and nestled it into a story of a young beaver and his family. It is still packed full of information, but there is also play, family, danger, and solution. This would be a great read for a beaver unit, of course, but also for any life cycle unit–for comparing and contrasting.

In the Middle of Fall by Kevin Henkes. Illustrations by Laura Dronzek: I really enjoyed the focused-in aspects of fall displayed within this book, as well as the subtle differences that ask you to look closer, for example at the change of sky. The author and illustrator aligned so well with this book, with not only the beauty of fall, the change of season, but also the poetry of words that are the season. The fact that the beginning and end connect back to the sky, makes this book connect to more than fall, more than seasons, but weather and climate as a whole, for young scientists.

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