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Hour of Code: Prep Time

Organize an Hour of Code during Computer Science Education Week, December 9th-15th. There are many ways to get your class, grade level team, content area team, and school involved. Here are some of those ways/resources: This site has resources for students and teachers… Continue Reading “Hour of Code: Prep Time”

Sphero Devices Have Arrived!

Thanks to a school district grant, I was able to purchase 10 Sphero devices for our elementary school… …and I thought, what better way to debut them than with our 2nd grade communications unit! (See previous lesson posts: How About a KLW instead of… Continue Reading “Sphero Devices Have Arrived!”

Creating Resources, String Phones, and a Model Rotary Phone

Last week I shared a post titled How About a KLW instead of a KWL? There I shared how I used the Book Creator platform to create my own resource for the questions our kindergarteners still had about bears. Well, I loved that experience… Continue Reading “Creating Resources, String Phones, and a Model Rotary Phone”

Communication Stations

Last week in my 2nd grade co-teaching classroom, we have been exploring the question: What are all the different ways we communicate information? We started with a circle map, to hear all the different ways the students already knew, and within that process, my… Continue Reading “Communication Stations”