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Hour of Code: Prep Time

Organize an Hour of Code during Computer Science Education Week, December 9th-15th. There are many ways to get your class, grade level team, content area team, and school involved. Here are some of those ways/resources: This site has resources for students and teachers… Continue Reading “Hour of Code: Prep Time”


How do you plan on celebrating NOV8/INNOVATE day, as part of National STEM/STEAM month? Me…I am still trying to figure out those last minute details, but here’s what I have figured out: At my middle school, we are going to try something new. We… Continue Reading “NOV8…INNOVATE!”

Zoey and Sassafras: Science Process in an Early Chapter Book = Love!

Overview of the Series: Written by a former science teacher 🙂 the Zoey and Sassafras series takes you through the scientific process with your very capable guide, Zoey and her sidekick Sassafras. Zoey is a fan of nature, wonder, questions, and has a strong… Continue Reading “Zoey and Sassafras: Science Process in an Early Chapter Book = Love!”

If you liked “Goodnight Moon”…

You will love… A love at first sight! As far as “fictional story” goes, it is not too story heavy, as you might imagine, but it does highlight some lab vocabulary. But as we know, not all labs are alike. If you are a… Continue Reading “If you liked “Goodnight Moon”…”

Literacy and Science…a powerful path!

I came across this site:…/ While looking for some STEM ideas for the classroom. There were several reasons I really connected to the ideas it featured and the author’s motivation: 1) I love the approach toward the integration of STEM by starting with… Continue Reading “Literacy and Science…a powerful path!”

“Tools Rule!”

Such a cute story where the tools are the main characters! I can just picture the PreK-1st grade students really loving this story’s cartoon-like illustrations, while raising their hands to tell you which ones they have seen at their house. 🙂 Using a combination… Continue Reading ““Tools Rule!””

Featured Book: “How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin?”

Book Summary: “Charlie, the smallest child in his first grade class, is amazed to discover that of the three pumpkins his teacher brings to school, the smallest one has the most seeds.” A great choice for this time of year. Featuring predictions, observation, estimation,… Continue Reading “Featured Book: “How Many Seeds in a Pumpkin?””

Featured Book: “The Most Magnificent Thing”

Book Summary: “One day, a little girl has a wonderful idea. With the help of her canine assistant, she is going to make THE MOST MAGNIFICENT THING! She knows just how it will look. She knows just how it will work. Easy-peasy! But making… Continue Reading “Featured Book: “The Most Magnificent Thing””