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“What do they do with all that poo?”

Amazon Link to Book This book was an instant grab off of the library shelves for me. I mean, just look at it! The illustrations are fun and inviting and that title! 🙂 I knew this was a must-read for my kindergarten students, really,… Continue Reading ““What do they do with all that poo?””

Learning About the Colors? Then You Will Want to Read…

If you are learning the colors, then you will want to read this book! I loved the clever way that the colors were introduced, with words, curiosity, and with a tactile component. This book put a smile on my face–the prediction that will take… Continue Reading “Learning About the Colors? Then You Will Want to Read…”

“Too Many Carrots” a STEM Launch

Recently, my amazing co-teaching partner in 2nd grade, Quincey Williamson, and I presented “The Big Picture and Small Details of Incorporating STEM Ideas in Your Elementary Classroom”. The main take away from our presentation was simply this: Story is a great way toward incorporating… Continue Reading ““Too Many Carrots” a STEM Launch”

“I’m a Duck” a Story by Eve Bunting

With rhyming text this little duck shares the story of fear, of seeking out advice, of practice, of building confidence, and of embracing who you are. There are so many parts of this story that are my favorite, because there are so many relatable… Continue Reading ““I’m a Duck” a Story by Eve Bunting”

Animal Book List

Hello Everyone! 🙂 I am working on my Science Topic Book Lists, because my number of books keeps growing and growing! Yes! 🙂 In addition to my book lists, I am in the process of creating sub-pages so that you don’t have to view… Continue Reading “Animal Book List”

Tuesday Morning Reads for April 17, 2018

I came across two partner books this week… I call them partner books, because one, All the Animals Where I Live, discusses the transition from a city home to a country one, and the other book, Florette, the transition from a country home to… Continue Reading “Tuesday Morning Reads for April 17, 2018”

More Wordless Books!

A few days ago I shared a possible wordless book strategy, Say Something, along with a link to other wordless book ideas, in my Build, Assess, Build Vocabulary with a Wordless Book post. I am going to be trying the Say Something strategy with… Continue Reading “More Wordless Books!”

Tuesday Morning Reads for April 3, 2018

The Boy and the Whale by Mordicai Gerstein: When a whale gets trapped in a fishing net, Abelardo hurts for the whale, remembering a time when he was once trapped in a net and near drowning. Eager to free the whale, his father strongly… Continue Reading “Tuesday Morning Reads for April 3, 2018”

Tuesday Morning Reads for February 27th

Sorry I have missed the last few “Tuesday Morning Reads” posts, or any posts for that matter. I have been under the weather and a bit overwhelmed at school…I am sure you can relate. And perhaps you have learned what I have recently learned…when… Continue Reading “Tuesday Morning Reads for February 27th”

Tuesday Morning Reads for February 6, 2018

I was about to take a purposeful look through shelf #4 of the “B” section of the picture books…when I remembered that I needed to grab some books for our upcoming Olympic unit in 2nd grade. This stop by the reference desk caused my… Continue Reading “Tuesday Morning Reads for February 6, 2018”