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Native American History and Experience

Today I want to share another book resource with you…Brightly. Brightly’s mission is to help all of us raise (or teach) kids who love to read. Isn’t that wonderful! One of the many book lists and shares that they have is one that highlights… Continue Reading “Native American History and Experience”

Girl-Centered Sci-Fi Novels: A Share from Brightly

Many of my colleagues have asked me to post more about early readers and novels. While I do have that as part of my goal, I haven’t been able to reach that far…yet, minus some of my more recent posts for early readers. In… Continue Reading “Girl-Centered Sci-Fi Novels: A Share from Brightly”

Zoey and Sassafras: Science Process in an Early Chapter Book = Love!

Overview of the Series: Written by a former science teacher 🙂 the Zoey and Sassafras series takes you through the scientific process with your very capable guide, Zoey and her sidekick Sassafras. Zoey is a fan of nature, wonder, questions, and has a strong… Continue Reading “Zoey and Sassafras: Science Process in an Early Chapter Book = Love!”

New Featured Book: “The Fourteenth Goldfish”

To my happy surprise, this book was filled with science concepts, scientists, and believing in the possible. 🙂 Gosh, I needed some of that right now. Listening to the audiobook made me smile even more, because the reader captured the different characters so well–their… Continue Reading “New Featured Book: “The Fourteenth Goldfish””

Novels and Engineering? YES, PLEASE!

I came across this amazing e-article by Katrina Schwartz, who writes for “Mind/Shift: How We Learn” (do you follow them on Twitter or get their newsletter? You should consider it. I love their posts!). Click HERE for the link to read the full-article…and set… Continue Reading “Novels and Engineering? YES, PLEASE!”

Featured Book: “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”

I was about to write the book summary, when I paused and thought there was no need. 🙂 However if you are unfamiliar with “Harry Potter” please feel free to contact me – I would love to discuss all things Potter. Why, then, is… Continue Reading “Featured Book: “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone””