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“The Sun is Kind of a BIG DEAL”

And it is! This book makes me smile! The illustrations are inviting and the title is not only fun, but so accurate. I love the personification (great ELA connection!) that Nick Seluk used as the foundation of this fact-based informative picture book about the… Continue Reading ““The Sun is Kind of a BIG DEAL””

“On Earth” by G. Brian Karas

This past summer I posted about the amazing children’s books I found about all things space, when I visited the McCall Public Library. For the next few weeks, I hope to share with you some of those treasures. “On Earth” by G. Brian Karas… Continue Reading ““On Earth” by G. Brian Karas”

Full Moon Adventures

With rhyming text follow a family of four (plus their little dog) on a family night indoors…well, until the lights go out and they head outside under the natural light of a full moon. Under this bright night sky, and with the bright layers… Continue Reading “Full Moon Adventures”

Tuesday Morning Reads for April 3, 2018

The Boy and the Whale by Mordicai Gerstein: When a whale gets trapped in a fishing net, Abelardo hurts for the whale, remembering a time when he was once trapped in a net and near drowning. Eager to free the whale, his father strongly… Continue Reading “Tuesday Morning Reads for April 3, 2018”

Snowflake Design Challenge: The Results Are In

A few weeks ago, I posted my latest bulletin board: Snowflake Design Challenge. It may be difficult to see, but to the left of the board, I placed star stickers and had people use the stars to select which snowflake lasted 3.12 seconds in… Continue Reading “Snowflake Design Challenge: The Results Are In”

Tuesday Morning Reads for February 27th

Sorry I have missed the last few “Tuesday Morning Reads” posts, or any posts for that matter. I have been under the weather and a bit overwhelmed at school…I am sure you can relate. And perhaps you have learned what I have recently learned…when… Continue Reading “Tuesday Morning Reads for February 27th”

Snowflake Design Challenge: New Interactive Bulletin Board

A few weeks ago, I found this site on Pinterest: “Winter STEM Challenges-Snowflake STEM”. While I didn’t look into the full details of the concept (meaning, I didn’t buy it on Teachers Pay Teachers), the idea did get me thinking and wondering. 🙂 I… Continue Reading “Snowflake Design Challenge: New Interactive Bulletin Board”

Tuesday Morning Reads for January 30, 2018

Today’s selection from the “B” section of the children’s book area of the library had many books that I want to make as a separate post. Either as a featured book, featured strategy, or to feature along side an upcoming lesson idea. Others included… Continue Reading “Tuesday Morning Reads for January 30, 2018”

Changing Seasons; Community Outreach Part 2

A few weeks ago, I shared a lesson that I collaborated on with my 2nd grade co-teacher, Quincey Williamson (who is simply amazing!). It started with these two books: …and transformed into a student-driven series of lessons that focused on the changing season and… Continue Reading “Changing Seasons; Community Outreach Part 2”

Featured Book: “Snow”

There is so much story in snow. When I think back to all my snow memories, I tend to group them into “snow” or winter, but what Cynthia Rylant did for me, in “Snow”, that she can do for you and your students, is… Continue Reading “Featured Book: “Snow””