“Moon! Earth’s Best Friend”

Simply just take a look at this book cover!

Don’t you just want to pick it up and read it! 😍

I did, and so did many of my 8th graders, when I displayed it. So just imagine the K-5 audience!

Well, if you do pick it up…you won’t be disappointed. The moon, our natural satellite, shares all the features of its friendship with Earth and what makes it Earth’s BFF: like being dependable with its rotation and revolution.

Image result for moon, earth's best friend

Lunar phases, size comparison with other moons, the affect of its gravitational pull on the earth, and additional cause and effect connections are explored through this kid-catching artwork, causing them to be hooked, to learn, and to wonder. Great job illustrator Stevie Lewis! 👊

One of my favorite features of this book is more than just the content, but how the content can be shared. The well spaced and well sized illustrations and larger text, make it perfect for a whole class read aloud, small group read aloud, and as an individual choice read. The careful attention to factual content, also make it worthy of a resource for student or class research. My mind is now flooding with the visuals of KWL charts (personally renamed: Know-Wonder-Learned), Wonder Walls, and students picking up this book again and again to revisit certain pages for the content shared. 😃

Oh…and the K-2 audience will love the pages that dispel the idea that the cow jumped over the moon! 😂 (or maybe the adults will…not sure how much that nursery rhyme is still shared…but I loved those pages.)

This book simply makes me happy!

So much so, that I wasn’t surprised to see that it is from the same author as “Earth! My First 4.54 Billion Years”, a book I thought I have shared, but when I searched my own site…I don’t think I have yet. Ok, be on the lookout for that share!

Happy Reading! ❤️ Kalynda

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