Kickoff the Year with an Interactive Bulletin Board!


Last year I started pursuing interactive bulletin boards–A space where students, teachers, and parents, could add their own thought, response, opinion, or idea. It was a huge success. 🙂

Now that I have my own classroom this year, running an inquiry lab, part-time, I wasn’t sure I was going to continue creating interactive boards. I wanted the bulletin board space I had to be focused on student work…well, that was until someone changed my mind. While attending a colleague’s wedding, I sat among my other colleagues and the topic of my boards came up. A 5th grade teacher shared that she was excited that I was now in a more central location (middle of the building, next to specials like computer and library). She shared that where I had the board before (across from my office in the 2nd grade hallway, next to the workroom), her students didn’t often get to see and participate in it and she thought it was such a great idea and opportunity. Other teachers nodded in agreement and added their own specific compliments. I didn’t share my thoughts on not continuing, just thanked them, smiled, and had the comments linger. Maybe there was a way to share the board and continue. So I did, and I am kicking it off with the #GoalSetter board for students, teachers, and parents to contribute. Our Open House is next Tuesday, and I can’t wait to see what new goals are added that night and the first days of school.

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