Featured Book: The Planet Hunter: The Story Behind What Happened to Pluto”

Book Cover for "The Planet Hunter"

Science fans will love this mix of story biography and nonfiction details about Mike Brown’s discoveries. What I especially loved was how the telling of this story didn’t “start” when he was an adult, already with the title of “astronomer”, but as a child fascinated with astronomy. The first two-page spread of the book really captures it for me: the fascination, the delight, and the “let me see for myself”.

Pages 1 and 2 of "The Planet Hunter"

Broad Science Connections

  • Astronomy
  • Planets
  • Discovery
  • Science Community
  • Science Practices

Broad Literacy Connections

  • Biographies
  • Timeline
  • Sequence
  • Dialogue
  • Sub-storylines (this one being non-fiction based)

Broad Sociocultural Connections

  • Scientists make mistakes.
  • Scientists belong to a science community.
  • Scientists don’t work alone.
  • Science is constantly progressing.

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