Featured Book: “Dot.”

"Dot." book cover

Dot knows a great deal about technology and its various tools. She is an expert at searching, surfing, and swiping. After a gentle reminder (push) from her mom, to pause and get outside, Dot soon remembers how her expertise of searching, surfing, and swiping extend far beyond the tech world. 🙂

Broad Science Connections

  • Technology know-how and use
  • There is more to STEM than “T”
  • Dot as in .com (clever!)

Broad Literacy Connections

  • Multiple meaning words
  • Various forms of communication, especially expanding our understanding of “talking”

Broad Sociocultural Connections

  • Cross content and cross cultural knowledge–how using the same skill or strategy in a new context can be beneficial
  • Female as technology expert
  • Balance and moderation

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