“I’m a Duck” a Story by Eve Bunting

Book Cover for "I'm a Duck"

With rhyming text this little duck shares the story of fear, of seeking out advice, of practice, of building confidence, and of embracing who you are. There are so many parts of this story that are my favorite, because there are so many relatable parts, for children and adults. When something goes wrong, that fear of it repeating can grab hold of you, but with a supportive community we each can build the confidence to try again. We may find, as this little duck did, it is just the perfect fit. 🙂

For a science connection, not only do the pictures connect with a preK-1 habitat study, but there is the wonderful line: “Oh my gosh, I find that ducks are perfectly designed!” This could lead into some great questions, discussions, research, and experiments as to why that is.

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