“Big Rain Coming”

"Big Rain Coming" Book Cover

It seems that we all have a meteorologist (or two) in our family. I am not talking about those that are featured on the news or in the newspaper, or those that like to make sporadic predictions about the weather, but those in our immediate or extended family that can really read the clouds. Their reading comes from a great deal of experience and intuition. “Big Rain Coming” is that tale. The tale of a rain coming in so slowly that only few can read its signs, but it is there, lingering in the background…until its arrival.

Coupled with its colorful illustrations, depicting the Rainbow Serpent, a symbol of creation in the Dreamtime (from the Aboriginal belief system), the story heightens those moments before a big rain storm. The slow building of the rain coming creates a slowness to the read aloud perfect for those pausing and reflecting moments, great for incorporating both the five senses and student experiences. Additionally, this story makes a great pairing to an introduction to clouds, learning to read clouds, and the idea of reading nature.

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