Resource Share: Booksource

Have you gotten so many books that you struggle to remember what you own? Also, if you lend them out, do you struggle to remember who has it?

I do…so much so that I have, on occasion, bought an already owned book. Yikes (but makes for a great future gift). Enter…Booksource.

Booksource offers discounts on books, information on reading levels, AND…Their Classroom Organizer! It is a feature I have just started using. I created an account and am inputting the ISBNs of my collection. My main reason for this is for keeping track, and keeping organized, for my own knowledge and use…but as a bonus, they also provide you the opportunity to add students and have them check-out books from your library (so great!). 😃 #books #classroomlibrary

If you are so inclined, you can also input the reading level (or lexile level or AR level), and depending on the book, that information gets automatically generated.

Also, I am just getting started in Booksource, but I already love their “Library Lens” feature, that provides you with achievements, suggestions, and issues (like right now my library only has 3 books…I better get to inputting those IBSNs). 😃

The Dashboard also provides a quick view of your library balance:

Have I mentioned that this is free to use? I should have started there. 😍

Happy Classroom Library Building, Organizing, and Sharing!

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